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Dear femslash12 writer,

First of all: can I just tell you that you're awesome? Because clearly we share at least one pairing of fabulous, and that is enough for me. Also, you are writing a thing for me?? AND THAT IS EXCITING.

I haven't actually done this before, so bear with me - and I have this terrible habit of rambling everywhere (for proof and other obnoxiousness, see my tumblr), which is very problematic but so far incurable, but hopefully this is somewhat useful.

In a general sense, I would say I'm a very flexible reader in terms of the genres I enjoy? Characterization matters a lot in my life, and good characterization makes me fangirl like more of an idiot than usual. I also really, really enjoy AUs of basically all varieties (medieval, superhero, fantasy, people-who-get-powers, college, pirates, non-Potter things set at Hogwarts, historical things, apocalypses etc.) and very much delight in these, especially when IC qualities are still attached! Making characters enough different and a lot the same is one of my favorite parts of reading AUs. On that note, I would like you to know that I am SO OKAY WITH CANON THINGS TOO. Seriously, this is your playground, and I love variety.

I love banter, snark, and reluctant, begrudging attachments (!!!!); I love teasing of all varieties, I love lots of UST, and I love best friendships that are cuddling and calling each other at three in the morning that sort of accidentally become making out, whoops. I like stumbly, awkward make-outs, and I like eager, dressing room ones, and I like hands; I'm into sex in a variety of places, and I'm also totally happy without any sex at all. I like happy things, and I like sad things with sort of hopeful endings, or ambiguous endings, or endings that hurt - the only thing I don't like is over-the-top, force-fed angst. I'm totally good with incest and age differences (and am happy to have AUs that create either if they didn't exist already, but this is obviously far from necessary) and also unrequited things, and awesome lady friendships, and whatever else you want to throw at me.

Mostly, I'd rather keep away from babies, porn entirely devoid of plot, and any significant focus on marriage. If you'd like to discuss any of my general interests, my feelings about certain things, or any potential kinks you want to throw in (I, uh, have plenty), you're welcome to hit up Vanessa for more details/possible questions. She's a pro.

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So I kind of fell off the face of the LJ planet, but I'm here again and planning on getting some writing done. Like, actual writing. With actual words.

Which includes filling out that prompt table and also probably Teen Wolf-related things, because I just finished that show and I should probably have less feelings about it, but I kind of don't. Whoops.

This has been a post. ♥

ministry of magic. because reasons.

More productive things to come later (and possibly some kind of official introduction deal), but I've been busy and I'm kind of exhausted, so I just decided to leave this here, in case you need something awesome in your day. I've been rediscovering wrock the past few days, and I can't listen to this without crying.

So you can have feelings too.

table: lily/remus

hey, so i guess this is officially my second post? i'll probably do an awkward introduction thing later (WAITING WITH BATED BREATH IK), but first i have this to remind myself that i plan on actually making writing progress. here's to nothing. ♥

Author: sixtywattgloom
Pairing: lily/remus
Progress: 0/13
1. never really existed
2. to run great risk
3. misnomer
4. for what it's worth
5. that's what almost happened
6. raspberries
7. family history
8. folly
9. pining for normalcy
10. the same experience for you
11. some people stay
12. severe repercussions
13. diagnosis

fic: moments of compromise (lily/remus)

Title: Moments of Compromise
Author: sixtywattgloom
Recipient: deathlydragon
Pairing: Lily/Remus
Request: in another life
Rating: PG
Word Count: ~1400
Summary: And struggling all his life to be anything but the villain doesn't make him the hero.
Author's Notes: The first Harry Potter fic I've written in a very, very long time (hopefully the first of many), so here's to hoping it isn't completely atrocious.

Remus supposes it will be something like a fairy tale.Collapse )